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Getting involved with this project eventually leads to home ownership in the Lost Lake Cohousing.  The process to become a future resident is:

  • ask us questions, by email and Facebook Messenger along the way.
  • learn about the project by reading this web site and coming to a site tour, potluck or joining a zoom call.
  • get curious about cohousing by reading and check out other communities by getting a tour or reading their websites.
  • meet some of the members in this project by reading their bios, chatting with folks at a site tour, or another social event. (You can send us your bio and that way other folks can meet you).

These will lead you will develop a sense of whether this is something you wish to explore further.

In cohousing projects, some people like to join at the start and be part of designing the project while others prefer to join near the end when the design is complete and the final designs and prices are known.

Once you are feeling ready, the next step is to sign up for a design workshop. Paying the fee for the workshop entitles you to participate in design as a community member, and the order in which people pay for their first workshop is also the order in which they select units as a little extra bonus.

For this project to proceed, our intention is to build our group to 10 households by May 20, at which time we will ask those interested parties to invest $50,000+ towards the project. These funds will contribute towards the land purchase. How all of this works, the risks, how we manage them and how we make decisions together will all be covered in the Getting Built Workshop.

After the Site Design workshop, we started  accepting equity contributions from  members as we prepare to complete the purchase of the land. 

Fees paid for workshops will count as part of your investment, if you decide to proceed.

For the first 10 members, we will accept anybody with the financial strength and readiness to participate in the project. Our ultimate goal is a minimum of 50% of units occupied by families and folks under 60, to create a multi-generational community.  

To sign up for one of the workshops, send an e-transfer with the workshop name in the message to and we will send you the full details. If e-transfer is not convenient for you, can email us to make other arrangements.

Raw land site tours – Sundays at 3 PM except when we have a workshop, drop by 5180 Universal Place, Nanaimo. check Facebook for dates.

Weekly Potluck – Sundays at 6 PM
A weekly potluck to build our community, hosted at Pacific Gardens Cohousing, 347 Seventh Street. Walk around the building, through the gate and access the potluck through the huge patio or buzz 205 on the enterphone. 

Learn About Multi-Generational Cohousing Calls – 

Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific time:

Meeting ID: 941 7883 6493
Passcode: 618953
We all have different ideas of what cohousing is all about. We will share stories and photos from other cohousings.
Home Design – $300 May TBD

$300 per household, or $100 for families with children.  For simplicity reasons we are not building custom homes, so here we will determine the shared goals for the homes to guide the architect.

Common House Design – $300 June or July TBC
Program what will go into shared spaces.

Design Completion – $300 August or September TBC
Completed design is presented and reviewed and opportunity is given for final changes.

Further ahead there are other workshops to decide on the features of the homes, aspects of the management.

Note: In the event that you decide to purchase a home in the project, we credit all these fees to your unit price.