Details for a Deep Dive 

Floor Plans

You can find our site plans on a google drive share.

 ​Open Site Plans​

Project Binder

We have a project binder with a lot of details about the project and how it works.

 ​Open Binder​

Draft Unit Prices

We expect them to cst similar to market prices in the area. Right now we have a feasibility budget that shows these prices:

Unit CostsSizeCountPrice (before GST) 
+/- 20%
A - Studio367 sf3$261,000
B - 1 Bed600 sf12$427,000
C - 1 Bed621 sf1$442,000
D - 2 Bed937 sf3$622,000
E - 2 Bed730 sf1$485,000
F - 2 Bed865 sf3$575,000
G - 3 Bed1,074 sf3$698,000